Family, Pregnancy and Birth Sessions

The family, pregnancy and birth sessions allow you to capture moments of life that you will enjoy seeing and sharing.

Family sessions
These are lifestyle sessions. I come to your home and capture your daily life as it is. No posing, no directing, just the natural. Thus, I immortalize the moments of complicity with your children. Their natural laughter and smiles and sometimes tears, because that’s real life. The goal is really to have a good authentic moment that will allow you to have beautiful natural images.

Pregnancy sessions
In general, these are sessions that I perform around the 7th month of pregnancy. Once again, these are sessions that take place at your home, whether it is a session with the mother alone, a couple session or with children, these sessions are there to immortalize one of the most important moments in the life of a family; a pregnancy. The waiting for this little baby, the tenderness around this future child, but also the impatience are all these emotions that I like to capture during these sessions. The maternity boudoir session is the more artistic aspect of a maternity session. It is not something every mother wants, but it is also something I propose. In this case, the session is really focused on the body of the mother-to-be.

Birth sessions
After waiting for the pregnancy, it is time to capture the joy and tenderness in front of this newborn baby. These sessions are varied. They can be done in the maternity ward, or at home, usually in the first month of the baby’s life. Thus, I capture her first expressions, her smiles, her grimaces. But also, the smile and the look of the parents on this little baby.

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