23 April 2020

Noemie & Mathieu


Noémie and Mathieu met in high school. A childhood sweetheart like we see on TV. Always there for each other and never without each other.

So it was after 10 years of love that Mathieu proposed. And what a proposal! During a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, Mathieu took a ring out of his pocket. He proposed to Noémie who had been hoping for this day to come for a long time but had no idea it could be today.

From then on, they entered the wedding planning phase. So the first thing they did was choose their witnesses. So who better than their high school friends who knew them from the beginning of their relationship?

So here’s the bunch of buddies they were at school who meet in front of the mayor so that Noémie and Mathieu officially say YES to each other.

On the other hand, the mayor wasn’t just anyone either because he was the father of the groom. How proud it must be to marry one of his children.

Finally, after this moving visit to the town hall, Noémie and Mathieu listened to the small words of their relatives during a secular ceremony organized by their witnesses. A moment rich in emotions and full of teenage anecdotes. Tears of joy and tenderness ran down that day.

This perfect high school couple said YES to each other in front of all the people who saw them grow up and love each other.

In the scorching heat of June, these two said yes to each other forever. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph the most beautiful day of a couple like theirs. I have very fond memories of that day and wish them the same, if not happier than the last ten years.


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