For 5 years now, I have had the pleasure of being a wedding photographer and filmmaker in France. Indeed, I immortalize your events and moments of life. Together, we create your memories linked to these moments. Above all, I capture the beauty of these moments through love, emotions and authenticity. Thus, my goal is to offer you beautiful images that tell your story.

So, to me, the photos and the films, are not just freezing a moment to remember it later. It’s reliving the emotions associated with that moment, but more importantly, it’s telling a story, your story. My love for images and travelling has allowed me to photograph and film couples and families all over France but also abroad as in Prague, New York, Athens, London…

Your story

So let’s go on an adventure together to offer you unique images that are just like you. Finally, what will you see in my pictures? Joy, love, light, elegance and soft colors. Finally, being a photographer and filmmaker is my passion. So, it’s a passion that I love to share so that you can keep track of your story.

Sophie & Peter

Domaine de Vieux Mareuil | Photo par Leah Guillout |

Wedding Films

Authentic emotions

Capturing your day on video is once again the assurance to relive all the emotions of this beautiful day in an authentic way.

Just like photos, I like my wedding movies to be elegant with soft and romantic colors. But above all, I want to immortalize the story of your love. 
Indeed, putting you in a wedding film is what makes it unique. I always take care to choose the best light or the most beautiful angle to highlight you, but above all, I wish to capture all the emotions of this day and the bonds that make your love unique.
Because, they are memories that you will share with your family and your entourage and that must resemble you and reflect this day.


Anyway, my inspiration on the wedding day is you and your love. But, for the aesthetics of my films, my inspiration comes from cinema and fashion. And finally, my background as a professional editor allows me to select the best moments of the day and arrange them on your film to create a unique and touching storytelling for each wedding.