For the past seven years, I’ve been documenting weddings all over Europe. I am very grateful for all the couples who shared their love stories with me and allow me to capture such wonderful moments.

I have a creative and visual soul. I've always been attracted by images, storytelling and creation. Being a very shy and introvert person, creating images is a way for me to connect with people.
So, to combine my love for storytelling and fulfill my visual soul with beautiful lovers stories, I naturally been driven to a career in a wedding industry.

My work is influenced by your relationship, your story and my love for fashion. As an introvert person I like shooting moment as real as they are and not being pushing or putting you in a cheesy position.
Of course I’ll guide you to get the best of the couple session but, for mainly I want to showcase you as a couple with your own story, your personality and the connection you have with your guests.

My goal is to capture your event as unique as it is with intention, unique details and genuine emotions. I want to deliver meaningful and impactful images for your memories and your legacy.

I look forward to capturing your story.

Sandy xx

I document weddings and events around Europe.
I'll give you bespoke images that narrate a key moment of your life.

about you

Who doesn't want to have beautiful images from unforgettable moments?

I will give you images you'll be proud to show and share around you. Images that are going to testify your story with value.
Sharing positivity and love thru images and remember those beautiful moments. 
You are writing you story everyday, and capturing big moments of this story is really important because those precious moments need to be imposed in time.

I want to create something that is transmitted.

Does this resonate with you? Inquire with me.


Do you like my style and my vision?


You'll found daily updates with photos and videos of my lovely couples and also some personal adventures on my stories.